07 March 2011

Shame on me!

There are no words no excuses I won't feel guilty I will just get a wriggle on and post post post! I am sorry little blog that I have left you sitting on the internet with nothing on you must be feeling quite exposed!

29 June 2010

Camera check, Cable no check!

Tsk tsk tsk! Although my camera is nestled safely on my desk amid the felt, paints and paper, (I think it must feel like a technological alien surrounded by such simple things) the cable for my camera is out of reach (as in 5 miles away) so I have to rely on the iPhone camera! It won't really do but I can change it later! I must put a big note on my list of things to do and remember that I need to get my camera cable! Anyway, for now here is a "somewhat blurred you would never guess I was a photographer" style photo of a little wedding card I have just painted! Mwah x

23 June 2010


So here is my new blog! I am planning and sorting at the mo but by next week I am hoping to be blogging a go go! There will be lots of pictures and pretty things.


Hello blog, I'll come and update you soon!